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Major AWS Software Upgrade for 2024 - Now Supporting PHP 8.2+!

Welcome Savvy Marketers,

Do you have a great idea for the next big affiliate program? Are you ready to rock the network marketing arena?

Have you been burned by cheap, buggy, overseas MLM Software, with limited or non existent support?

Have you felt isolated, like you cannot go it alone, without a technical partner to handle the coding?

Maybe it's time we meet...

My name is Jim Symonds, creator of Automatic Web Software, which has powered some of the who's who of the big MLM programs of the last few decades. We're best known for reverse 1-ups, 2-ups, and 3-ups.

We can also support configurations for 1 tier, 2 tier, 2x2 matrix, 2x3, 2x10, 3x4, 3x10 (any 2 by or 3 by) matrix systems and more.

All of our systems come with built-in lead capture pages and autoresponders, with our powerful lead management system (CRM). This combined with our Facebook and Google Retargeting modules provides your affiliates with maximum flexibility, making lead capture as cheap and efficient as possible, while they grow and convert their own leads list.

Popular comp plans include reverse 1-up and 2ups, 2x10 and 3x10 - Unlimited Membership Programs - Autoresponders - Lead Capture Pages - Affiliate Replicated Websites - Affiliate Dashboard - Robust Leads Manager (CRM) - Text and Banner Ad Pages - Team Viewers - Team Emailers - Internal Banking System - Masspay System - Instant Affiliate Payouts - Admin or Member Collects - Support Ticket System & much more.

Additional Add-ons - Ad Network System (sell text and banner ad space to your members) - Chatbot - Social Proof Bubbles for leads and sign ups. Tie-ins are available for Twilio and SendGrid.

I will set you up with my powerful and proven AWS MLM Software, to run your company.

Automatic Web Software Premium Features

Social Proof Pop Up Bubble For Leads and Joins (shows most recent lead sign ups, most recent member sign ups).
Downline Builder System (to upsell 3rd party sites). If sponsor does not add their affiliate ID to the DL builder for any program, it displays admin's link for that program instead.
Voucher System - allow members to buy vouchers to give people overseas, who cannot pay with a credit card. These vouchers can be used as payment to redeem a membership.
Closer System - allows you to add designated closers to close member's leads for them. You may assign a commission for the closers.
Facebook and Google Retargeting and Social Buttons - members can add in their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube links.
Leaderboard, Leaderboard Contest

Why choose AWS MLM Software?

Start with all the standard core iron-clad AWS features our diehard fans rave about:

Unlimited Membership Programs, Autoresponders, and Lead Capture Pages, as well as our Robust Leads Manager (CRM -- with advanced searching and notation -- even set follow up reminders), Affiliate Dashboard, Social Network Links, Affiliate Replicated Websites, Text and Banner Ad pages coded for each affiliate, Team Viewers, Team Emailers, Internal Banking System, Instant Affiliate Payouts and Admin Collects (automatic 1099 reports created each year), Leaderboard, Built-in Support Ticket System, complete with Members Area, Admin Panel and Front End - plug in your sales page and go. All beautifully designed in html5 with mobile responsive bootstrap theme.

See why everyone loves AWS - login to our demo site, for a sneak preview. Contact us for an admin panel walk through.

AWS MLM software is a powerhouse, and proven in the field.

AWS has generated millions of dollars for owners and affiliates, and this is a well documented fact.

The Winning Formula

Success doesn't happen by accident. It takes creative vision, hard work, strong ethics and an unwavering commitment to create a winning formula.

Wanna bounce some thoughts around? Great! I'd love to hear your ideas, and I will openly share the best advice I can, gathered from my 20+ years in the field.

Please submit your proposal using the form below.

If you prefer the phone, that's cool too. Auto dialers have ruined my "answering the phone" experience, so I rarely answer unknown calls, but leave a detailed message and repeat your phone number clearly and I will return your call.

A quick overview is fine, but enough detail to make an informed decision is always helpful. Then we may set up a phone call or webinar to discuss your options, and discover if we're a good fit for each other. And don't worry - you won't find any hard sells here. I hate that nonsense. I never chase or pressure my prospects.

They find me because I'm the guy with the skills and the software and they want what I can bring to the table. Are you next?

Take Action Now & Let's Make Money... Together!

Complete Freedom & Autonomy

We are not seeking any ownership in your company. This is your company and your brand.

We are here in a support role, (working strictly behinds the scenes). It is still your job to brand, market and launch your company, and make it successful. Only now you will have a silent support partner to help you handle the technical side of your business.

Let us handle the code for you, while you support your customers.

So what is required?

A domain name, hosting account with linux and cpanel running php 8.2 or higher, and a product or service to sell (we can assist you with all these items). If you need a service, we can set you up to sell text and banner ads on your site. No merchant account? No problem. We can assist you in the process of getting a merchant account, or set you up to run your own cash only or bitcoin / crypto mlm.

So what is included, exactly?

We will taylor a custom set-up to fit your needs and budget. All packages include Automatic Web Software (MLM software) set up to your exact specifications and integrated into your web design, with 30 days of support (from delivery). We'll have 3 one-on-one pow wow calls (or webinar walk-throughs) up to an hour each for ongoing consultations, plus shorter calls as needed, as well as email support. Optional retainer packages also include additional ongoing programming (mods & tweaks), and new desired features. We are available via email, phone, and webinars for ongoing support.

No Hostages

You own your company, domain and host anywhere you wish. You own your database. You own the software. All our software is completely open source (the code itself is not encrypted), so any competent php programmer can make changes / modifications to it. Complete freedom is yours. This is not an offer you will find elsewhere.

You will own 100% of your company the whole time.

I build solid relationships with my clients, and I also know most of them need ongoing support as their business grows. This is why I feel confident you will see the benefits right away, and will want to continue our win-win relationship, but if not, there are no strings, and no hard feelings. The choice is always yours, should you later decide you want to go it alone.

A Perfect Match

Ideal matches will be tenacious, strong willed, positive minded people with passion and integrity. You have a genuine respect for others and live by the golden rule. You enjoy a little laughter and humor along the way. And chocolate.

There is no one size that fits all. Every deal is unique. Every project is unique. You are unique. We want to celebrate and enhance your unique vision, and help you bring it to the world.

If you did not see a comp plan above that fits your criteria, we are open to hearing what does. We also do custom programming jobs regularly, and custom work by it's very nature needs to be quoted by project. Please fill out the form and tell us about your project needs.

Thanks for you time today, and we wish you the best in everything you do!  

Jim Symonds
Owner / Creator / Developer Automatic Web Software

PS - If you think you can, you're right. If you think you can't, your also right.

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